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Be a part of earth citizen, we act on provide a free vegan lunch box to our employees in every single 1st and 15th of the month to help conserve energy and decrease carbon footprint.
一. Raw Materials

1、Refined Konjac Powder:It is derived from Konjac root which originally produced in China and Japan. It is enriched with colloid that the isolation procedures have been inspected to secure its quality and ensure the product tastes more elasticity and crispy during the production.
2、Isolated Soya Protein (Crude Protein 90% above):Isolated soybean protein is used domestic good-quality NON-GMO soy as its material, with advanced equipment and production technology. It has the advantages of emulsification, gelatinous, grease & water-retain, which widely used in textured vegetarian meats to improve the product quality. Its properities of water-retain and oil-retain greatly increase the product quality and capability. Very good at making Bai-Yeh Tofu ( beancurd sheets).
3、Textured Vegetable Protein (as known as T.V.P):As the name suggested, is vegetable protein that is texturised through high pressured compressing, kneading and multi-stage heating reactions. This process reconstitutes and rearranges the vegetable protein and fiber which then expands and cooled to form various shapes such as diced, flaked, stripped, stringy and cubed. The main ingredients of our T.V.P are Non-GMO isolated soy protein, wheat protein and other vegetable protein with addition of edible fiber and starch. As a result, the properities of T.V.P are to have high vegetable protein, high fiber, low fat and no cholesterol. In addition, the structure of T.V.P becomes hair- silky like after soaked in the water, which is similar to the structure of meat.
4、Natural Gums:
●Curdlan Gum:Curdlan is a high molecular weight polymer of glucose and a microorganism colloid. It consists of β-(1,3)-linked glucose residues and forms elastic gels upon heating in aqueous suspension.
It is produced by Agrobacterium biobar, a non pathogenic bacteria. The production of curdlan by Alcaligenes faecalis is being developed to be used in gel production but we mainly used in making vegan abalone and haliotis diversicolor.
●Sodium Alginate:The derivative colloid of Alginate and to be effectived by adding Calcium ion. Mainly used in making Vegan Shark’s Fin and its analogues.
● Xanthan Gum:Microorganism colloid, a viscosity increasing additive with highest Alkalinity and Acid-proof.
●Carrageenan:Alginate colloid. Carrageenans are large, highly flexible molecules which curl forming helical structures. This gives them the ability to form a variety of different gels at room temperature. They are widely used in the food and other industries as thickening and stabilizing agents. A particular advantage is that they are pseudoplastic—they thin under shear stress and recover their viscosity once the stress is removed. This means that they are easy to pump but stiffen again afterwards.
二. Seasonings

1、Basic:Sugar (granulated sugar, malt sugar, glucose,levulose); slat (rock salt, bamboo salt).
2、MSG substitute:IG, mushroom extract, Kelp extract, and soya sauce powder (low salt ferment naturally, non artificial color), yeast extract powder, vegetable powder (cabbage, broccoli, spinach powder, tomato powder). I+G: Raw material is blended with molasses and yeast by using bio-tech method of Microorganism Fermentation to control its quality. We are used to use international branded, like as Takada, Ajimomoto, Miwon, Cjade to make our products fresh, healthy and tasteful.

3、I + G:Celery, Spinach, Carrot, Green Pea, Sweet Corn, Chinese water chestnut, Flammulina, Pleurotus, Black fungus, Lemon Grass, Lemon Juice, Chinese toon tree, Kelp, Seaweed, Laver.

4、Spices:Grounded Pepper White, Black Pepper, Grounded Chinese 5 spices, Grounded Star Anise, Paprika powder, Cinnamon powder, Cassia powder, Grounded Cumin seed, Grounded Anise.
5、Flavor: We only use lipophilic liquid essence as flavor (certificate is required to our suppliers), and some of them are imported from international branded manufacturers. We do not use the flavor which be blended by Taiwanese suppliers.
6、Prohibited raw materials:
●From animals:Meat paste, meat meal, bone meal, stocks.
●5 Spicies:Onions, Garlic, Leek, Chinese Onion, Asafetida (Produced in Iran and Northern India).
● Wine

三. Test

Test on raw materials and processed products : By Gene Alignment and Protein Electronhoresis, vegetarian products must be free from animal-free ingredients. It is hard to dress up if any animal ingredients contained. Once it happened, or it might also be questioned, report to local official authority sector which responsible for this business would be great.
四. Conclusion

Taiwan is the most of well developed country in the world on vegetarian food processing industry, and this field with trade has been spreading out all around the world. We can say all kind of non-vegetarian foods can be made by vegan method. To keep Taiwanese no. 1 position as the world's largest and leading vegan foods supplier on the industry, all we have right to refuse any counterfeit we are not confident in or are confused about their sources came from.

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